A look into the world of Augmented Reality

A look into the world of Augmented Reality

Our world is becoming more and more involved in digital platforms and people are now more dependent on them. Having a cup of tea after being served by a robot is something that some people expect nowadays but soon people all over the world might experience the same. This scenario is now no longer an imagination but reality, and it is only happening due to different technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mixed reality, and more. Augmented reality is one of them and it is now widely used around the world but less known by all as they mix it up with other technologies. Hence, to enlighten all, this article might come in handy. Read A look into Augmented Reality. 

 Augmented reality (AR) is a technologically augmented representation of the actual world that is produced via the use of motion graphics components, music, or other sensory inputs. Morton Heilig, a cinematographer, was the first to accomplish augmented reality to some extent in 1957. He created the Sensorama, which provided the spectator with sights, sounds, vibrations, and smells. A look into Augmented Reality. 

It’s a rising trend among businesses that deal with mobile computing and commercial apps. One of the augmented reality’s primary goals is, amidst the development of data gathering and analysis, it emphasizes certain aspects of the physical environment, enhances knowledge of those qualities, and extracts sensible and accessible information that can be used for practical applications. Big data may help organizations make better decisions and get insight into customer purchasing habits, among other things. The following are some examples of special advantages of it:

 The very perfect combo of both worlds: One of the most important AR characteristics that it blends the real and virtual worlds. As a result, one of its benefits is that it enhances the natural local environment experience by placing a digital environment on top of it.

 Communication that is fully immersed: AR enhances digital communication by adding virtual information to make it more immersive. This may be used in interactive and participatory learning, distant education, and corporate remote collaboration, among other things.

 Assists with business operations: One benefit of augmented reality is that it may help businesses improve their processes. Retailers may utilize augmented reality to exhibit or demonstrate their items, and conduct remote work.

Extends the use of smart devices:  AR enhances the capabilities or functionalities of gadgets such as smartphones. AR is currently used in a variety of apps, including, filters for photography and social networking sites apps, and interactive maps with precise street and topography data.

Works great in the field of medicine: It may be used to create mobile apps that allow users to examine extremely detailed 3D pictures of various bodily systems by hovering their mobile phone over a target object. For medical practitioners, augmented reality, for example, might be a useful learning tool throughout their careers.

However, every blessing comes with some drawbacks too, for which AR has disadvantages:

Security and privacy issues: One of the major drawbacks of augmented reality is that it necessitates the collection, production, and analysis of enormous amounts of data, posing a security and privacy concern.

Encourage hazardous behavior: It puts a person in jeopardy due to using it in the wrong manner. For example, the game Pokémon Go showed the downsides of augmented reality, and several individuals died in real-world incidents while playing it.

It can be expensive: Applying augmented technology necessitates both technical and financial resources. It is now offered exclusively to large or financially capable companies.

 Augmented reality is now one of the most used sources of entertainment and it can also aid in different professional activities. Since the world is gaining more and more access to digital platforms, it’s essential to carefully use augmented reality. Otherwise, this blessing can turn into a permanent curse for all users. Hence, using this technology can either make us successful or a disaster and it all depends on us.


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