Bangladesh lags Behind in E-Commerce Index Compared to Others

E- Commerce Index Deteriorates

The Covid 19 pandemic initiates one of the toughest periods for the entire world as it changes our generic view towards it. Most of the country’s government announced a lockdown to maintain social distance to stop the spread of the disease. Having no other choices, people have to order online to collect their regular accessories. These activities expand the e-commerce market. More people are now ordering their regular accessories from the e-commerce market than ever. 
Like other countries, e-commerce markets in Bangladesh also watched a boom during this pandemic. The order pressure was so high that some of the small and medium companies couldn’t manage the supply chain. But in spite of that, the index of E-commerce business in Bangladesh saw negative growth in terms of business to the client transactions. According to the United nation’ business and development organizations, the index has deteriorated 12 steps. The ranking was 103 in 2019 and 115 in 2020. The index has reduced up to 5.8 points compared to last year. 

The index was based on four points. The basic elements are the percentage of the population who use the internet, the subscribers of the e-commerce platforms, the dependability of ISPs, and the supply chain procedure of the company. Bangladesh has earned 33.3 points in the ranking. The percentage of people from underdeveloped countries who bought online is only 2% of the total population which is very low. For the developing country, the percentage is 16%. The problem with this value is that data used to carry on this survey are taken considering different countries for different years. So the results are not abstract. Analysis of Bangladesh was done by considering the data collected in 2017. In terms of Bangladesh, only  6% of total internet users purchase online which is only 1.3% of the total population. 


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