Bitcoin Drops due to Weibo Suspension

Bitcoin Drops due to Weibo Suspension

Suddenly Bitcoin Drop and also it can be a cause of Crackdown. It happens on Sunday. Goldman Sachs Inc reports to China that the crackdown can happen. Read Bitcoin Drops Weibo Suspension.

With more than 30 cryptocurrencies also bitcoin faced a decline in the last 24 hours. According to CoinGecko, the report said: Weibo suspended all cryptocurrencies. Behind the scenes, they have shown the cause that those accounts with Bitcoin spread hatred. Also, those are caused by violation and break of law according to Weibo rules. Also, the warning comes that the base prices of Bitcoin could fall down or could be curtailed. Those can cause a big effect of price fall down. Bitcoin Drops Weibo Suspension. 

Jonathan Cheesman said that “ Uncertainty the crypto regulations of China are still headwind”. As the bitcoin price is falling down, still he believes that the situation will change and a good situation is coming very soon.

It is not the first, this has happened. Before this incident in 2019, the accounts were suspended. Those accounts were of Exchange Operator Finance Holdings LTD and blockchain platform Tron. On this topic, Weibo’s media relations officer refused to comment. He just neglected the issue. It happened on Sunday.

Not only are bitcoins suffering from currency problems but also they are facing various problems. Such as their technical problems are also running on. Their technical levels are going down. They are below 20 per day. On average the rate is 200 per day. That is a huge loss and those can be very disastrous.

But still, bitcoins are as important as before. On a critical test with a risk of $20,000, it is already $29000. Also, businessmen are sharing their condition on bitcoins. Rich Ross, Evercore ISI technical strategist said that He is sold and his stop comes to $41000. So it is proved that despite the degradation of bitcoins, people are still keeping hope in them.

When the year started, the value of Bitcoin was absolutely high. The tally was going forward gradually. At that moment bitcoin was compared to “ digital gold”. Not only that, bitcoins were traded by some famous personalities too. They were Paul Tudor and Stan Druckenmiller. At that time, cryptocurrency was very high to gain. They traded around $36000 when the main currency was $25000. It is up to almost 25% on that year.

FTX’s Cheesman said that “ We are in downrange.” The key level was $33 400. But the chessman said that this is keeping the pattern on high. On this topic Goldman Sachs noted. It is believed that in the financial system not everyone is interested.

Also Timothy more wrote that they hold two CIO roundtable sessions, where about 25 CIO were joined. He claimed, now bitcoin is less popular, whereas growth style is getting more priority.

Still, it is clear that bitcoin will be supported. As it is illegal for some countries, in some countries it is also considered as one of the core currencies. San Francisco Inc said that they will invest $5million to build solar power and the project would be run by the US. Also, Elon musk was criticized on social media. But then Musk has tweeted on Crypto and all other things.


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