BUET Zenith, a team of six students from Bangladesh, wins the CONNECT category in the NASA app contest

BUET Zenith, team of six students wins, the CONNECT category in the NASA app contest

NASA’s International apps challenge, a global hackathon, they have been actively engaging people across the world to use its open data to initiate innovative solutions to counter the challenges we are facing on the Earth, even beyond the Earth. The idea behind this is to inspire and motivate the local people, communities to come across and find a solution within 48hours long time span. The challenges change year to year, ranging from Earth’s sea-level rise to designing sustainable missions to Mars and Venus. In the way to finding solutions, the participants may create games, Smartphone and computer applications, video aids, teaching tools as well and much more.

This year, NASA’s app contest had seven categories. Those seven different categories were observed, inform, sustain, create, confront, connect and invent your own challenge. A team from BUET, BUET Zenith wins the subcategory under the category Connect. The team consisted of six members. Md Mehrab Haque, Rabib Jahin, Md Tamimul Ehsan, Hasan Masum, Md Jehadul Karim Sabit, and Fabiha Tasneem got in touch with each other through different university-based projects before going for NASA’s app challenge.

In the sub category ’Orbital Sky’, NASA put a challenge for the contender to formulate a solution to improve the public knowledge of satellites, to make a connection of people with satellites in visually, socially,  and technically engaging way. As the satellite is playing a very important role to make our daily life easier and upgrading its quality gradually, but the people are not really connected with the satellite naturally, NASA wanted to work on that issue exactly and expected the candidate to bring a feasible solution to this.

Mehrab, a member of BUET Zenith says they aimed to connect people with the satellite in a very engaging and organic way comprising web and android apps and Arduino module. He also confirms that by using their app, users can observe the satellite in a map view.


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