Data Angel & Purnota Consultancy Signed an MoU to Revolutionize the Electricity Sector of Bangladesh


Electricity is vital for the development of society along with the country. To ensure sustainable development as well as to maintain the country’s economy in proper order rapid industrialization is required. To serve this purpose a lot of energy is required. Besides in our residence, there are a lot of electrical appliances which require a lot of electricity. Electrical appliances are of various ratings depending on their operation. Different loads require a different amount of energy. Commercial loads consume more energy compared to residential loads. The energy billing system is designed by considering this factor in mind. An electrical meter is used to measure energy consumption but there is no specific device in the market which can measure the amount of energy consumed by the individual load. 
Energy Monitoring Tool
Purnota has come with a solution to this problem. They have come with a device (Energy Monitoring Tool)  that monitors the amount of electricity (kilowatt) flowing through the electrical appliances. You can watch the data from the monitor of any IoT device. There are sensors in EMT tools that can precisely measure the value of voltage and current. If one has the data then he/she can compare this with the data achieved from the meter installed in the area. One can easily whether a machine is performing well in terms of electricity consumption. The manufacturer of the solution is  Data Angel. No one had the audacity to bring up a solution regarding the problem.
An MoU has been signed between the CEO of data angel Md. Mehedi Hasan and Purnota’s CEO Mahira Afroz regarding this solution. They have come to an agreement to launch this new solution EMT (The Energy Monitoring Tool) in the market. This device is going to revolutionize the electricity sector of Bangladesh as it is going to change the view of consumers towards the utilization of electrical appliances. 


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