Electric Cars are about to Replace Traditional Cars

Electric Cars are about to replace Traditional Cars

In this era of technology, many inventions are coming.    In the 21st century,  the communication system is building gradually. To build communication facilities, vehicles are playing a big role. But on the other hand,  vehicles are harmful sometimes too. It pollutes the environment with diesel,  petrol, octane, etc. To recover from this, G-7 leaders are planning to permanently go for electric vehicles. Normal vehicles are full of gasoline which is dangerous for the environment. When greener vehicles will take place, then G-7 is hoping that it will be the reason for climate change. Electric Cars replace Traditional Cars.

 Also, G-7 leaders are willingly working to ban all petrol or diesel vehicles within 2030. Also within this time, the electric vehicle would be started. All the leaders are arranging a summit. At the summit, it will be discussed that the emission of dangerous gas or gasoline would be removed forever. They are gathering funds to make it possible. Though details are not confirmed, those agendas will be discussed. Electric Cars replace Traditional Cars.

 Though during this time there is no commitment for the summit. But the plan for removing polluting elements like gasoline or others. They are thinking that this can be a crucial point. Also, this can be a vital role in the emission of greenhouse gas.

 A few days after the summit, the draft is not fully clear. But G-7 leaders include President Joe Biden and believe that Joe Biden will encourage and would work for the removal of polluting cars. From the officials, Joe Biden believes that investment can turn around the situation. Huge investment can run electric vehicles faster, as the polluting cars will be removed. Also, the automakers from the U.S fixed their targets.

 They are working on the production of greener vehicles. Some companies like General Motors Co. said that the tailpipe vehicle would be eliminated and light and the greener vehicles would run by 2035.  Famous automobile company Ford Motor Co. announced that within 2030, their four vehicles within every ten would run by battery.

 The risk of Job: Japan is also making the strategy of a green vehicle. They are planning for hybrid and electric cars within 2030. The president of Japan is fearing that a ban on other vehicles can be the cause of emission from jobs. Every country can’t afford the electric vehicle system. The Prime Minister of the U.K is hosting the gathering of G-7 leaders, who are working for the remission of polluting vehicles.



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