Is human nature correlated with emotional intelligence?

Is human nature correlated with emotional intelligence

Remember the last time we all had the freedom to walk freely on the street? We could hug people, meet people, greet them, invite them to our house, and most importantly, this planet was a happier place. However, the year 2020 changed this entire scenario into something horrific which might stay even after the pandemic gets over. Thinking of the time we all had before, makes us sad and desperate to go back to the past once again. This instinctive feeling cannot be expressed in words and this is called “Emotion” which is correlated to all kinds of activities, behaviors, physiological behaviors we all express in everyday life, which is also known as “Emotional intelligence”. It refers to our perception, regulation and evaluation of our emotions and feelings of others, which has a lot to do with human nature too.

Emotional intelligence is a range of qualifications and characteristics which drive leadership. In 1995 one of the best-selling books was “Emotional Intelligence,” in which the writer Daniel Goleman, a science journalist, described this term which was however coined in 1964 for the first time. There are different models that have been approved to understand this term more which include- The trait model (Konstantinos V. Petrides), the ability model (Peter Salovey and John Mayer), etc. It is important that our feelings be expressed and regulated, but so is the ability to consider, perceive and answer other people’s emotions. In a world where not only humans but all living beings have emotion, it is essential to not only demonstrate how only one individual feels, rather how we all feel. Therefore, in our overall progress in life, some experts also say it may be more critical than IQ.

Both human nature and emotional intelligence are like a boat with a paddle. You cannot describe one without the other, which is why they have strong bonding. Since life is unpredictable, we express so many emotions, within seconds or within hours every day. Emotionally intelligent people can really pull off big tasks without engaging in any sort of disturbing arguments and so it has become extremely important to know how to manage our emotions in daily life. Social and emotional education services(SEL) have been a regular feature of many schools’ curriculum to enhance verbal and emotional intelligence in people. They aim at improving health and well-being and academic success. Many examples show how emotional intelligence can play a role in everyday life to control human behavior which includes- Think before responding, more self-consciousness, genuinely care for others and more. If we want to dig a little deeper briefly, an emotionally intelligent person knows how to react in certain circumstances and has power over unexpressed compassion. Also, they have the idea to estimate their own feelings alongside others and in this case, they show empathy according to the circumstances. All of these can be understood with a very common situation in our corporate life. There are many times we cannot agree/ get angry with a decision. In that time, a person having emotional intelligence might get angry but would give their opinion in a polite way so that nobody gets emotionally hurt. This is how emotional intelligence works and there are several ways to acquire it.

As mentioned earlier, the definition of human nature signifies the basic provisions and features including modes of thought, sensing, and acting that humans inherently have. This particular sense of acting helps a person to grow up as an individual among all sorts of favorable and adverse conditions. It is important to note that human beings have different emotions for different situations and the only way to control those emotions is to gain deep or at least basic knowledge of emotional intelligence. The prime goal of a human is to improve these emotions as much as they can. Also, one needs to understand others’ feelings by putting themselves in other’s shoes. It is therefore important to understand how our own feelings affect our choices and behavior. With low levels of emotional intelligence, a human won’t be able to act rationally and may end up doing something unethical and harmful which can also lead to – arguments, lower relationships, and poor emotional skills. Also, they might fake their real emotion in a crime scene even if they know they are the culprit which is very dangerous as a life of many innocent people will be at stake. However, people with high levels of emotional skills might also have drawbacks too, which include- being less creative, innovative but they can be manipulative too. Thereby, having a balanced level of emotional intelligence is necessary to control human nature.

Our life is full of uncertainties and within the span of our total lifetime, we might choose either to cry or fight or stay calm and composed. It’s all up to us in the end but we also need to remind ourselves of Newton’s third law which says- “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction”. So, no matter what we do, in the end, it’s us who are going to either pay the price or live in peace and so we need to learn more about human nature and all behaviors that should be controlled in a specific manner to organize our disorganized life for peace.


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