Mongla Port achieves new landmark

Mongla Port achieves new landmark

A new world record set by Mongla, one of the biggest seaports in Bangladesh. It breaks the record of 70 years on a business ship’s arrival. In the 2020/2021 financial year, 913 ships anchored in Mongla which is more than any time in history. It is great news for Bangladesh when the whole country is suffering from a deadly virus Corona. Mongla achieves a new landmark.

In the last financial year, 912 ships were anchored here. The port authority was hoping that in 2020-2021, finance year the landmark would be 1000. To complete this financial year also takes almost a month. So we can hope that 87 ships will anchor within this time and will set a new landmark of 1000. Mongla achieves new landmark.

Md Makrujjaman, the deputy secretary of the board and public relations in the port said that”. In the first six months of the 2020-21 financial year, the number of ships arriving in Mongla port was 519. Also, he gives the data for every month. According to it, in January the number of ship arrivals was 98, in February it was 85, In March it was 70, in April it was 86 and in May it was 55. So overall the total numbers of ships were 913. He also added that after establishment, in 70 years such huge numbers of ships never arrived.”

Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa, Chairman of Mongla port authority said, “For the coronavirus there had been a lot of loss in international business. Also, some business and financial systems were stopped. But also in this situation, the operational workflow of Mongla port was normal. They are serving for the full 24 hours. By satisfaction on those prospects, the port users are attracted to use this port.”

Mongla port is one of the main ports in Bangladesh. Most of the business abroad is conducted here. In this situation it is setting a new landmark, it shows that nothing is over. It is showing the lamp of hope that, after this pandemic, we will definitely stand up. While the other sector is hardly surviving, Mongla port is setting new records. It also means that the traders are keeping hope in Bangladesh. Also, Bangladesh is full-filling its hope. From seeing the increasing rate of ships it can be hoped that this record will be broken. And a record will be set, which will be very hard to achieve. Hope that One-day Bangladesh’s flag will be raised with that landmark. 


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