Ricky Ponting does not want to lose his wife to become Shah Rukh Khan

ricky ponting

People does so many things for their wife!

In order to maintain peace in the family, there is no shortage of efforts by the ‘husband’ to keep the wife satisfied. Everyone understands that the ‘husband’, weather he is an ordinary person or a world cup winning star like Ricky Ponting has no choice but to compromise with his wife. Speaking of Ponting, the former Australia World Cup-winning captain is the coach of the IPL franchise Delhi Capitals. Even if he is away from his wife and children due to his job, Ponting always remembers what does his wife want or not. He further added, “tell me who wants to increase the trouble!”

Let’s be a little more open.

The Hindi film ‘Chak De India’ was released in 2006. The movie was based on the success of the Indian women’s hockey team. Movie’s whole story was about their successes and failures, and later winning the World Cup. Where the main role was played by Shah Rukh Khan. In the story of the film, Shah Rukh, who once failed to win the World Cup for the boys team, later became the coach and won the World Cup for the girls team. There were a number of inspiring dialogues in the voices of Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) for the team and the players at various bends of the road, among which the ‘seventy minutes’ speech for the team before the World Cup final was the most thrilling. The song ‘Chuck de India’ in the film was also acclaimed all over India.

When Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting spoke, that was the feeling of the team’s Indian opener Prithvi Shar. “Every time Ricky Sir (Ponting) speaks, the song keeps ringing in my head, it’s Shah Rukh Khan’s song,” Shaw said in an interview. As the video spread on social media, the comparison between Shah Rukh and Ponting inevitably came to an end. He is being compared to a hero, who knows if Ponting was happy in his mind! But everyone can understand, there is no benefit in being happy. Coach Shah Rukh’s costume as a strict headmaster in that movie was also quite appreciated. The king of Bollywood also put a light beard on the character. And this beard is the problem of Ponting. If he wants, he can no longer keep the beard like Shah Rukh! If he keep that beard his wife will leave him!

Ponting-Pant’s Delhi lost to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings by a huge margin in their first match of the current IPL season yesterday (April 10). Ponting said he was happy to win the match at the end of the match. And he has made it clear by letting the reporters know that in any case, it is not his job to have a beard like Shah Rukh khan! Delhi has released another video on social media, with the caption highlighting the visible difference between the looks of Shah Rukh and Ponting, “The only difference between Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh’s character in Chuck de India) and Ponting is that Kabir had a beard on the face, Ponting has not!”

Why not? Ponting himself responded in the video and said, “My wife will divorce me if she ever sees me grow a beard!” The reason is nothing else, Ryanna (wife) can’t stand that beard thing at all. For this, I will shave at least once before each match and then come on the field. It was a habit of mine all the time. I don’t know if you all noticed the matter, but I always shave the night before the match. I will do the same before every match in Delhi!” As a result, at least Ponting can’t follow Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan even if he wants to.

The love story of Ponting’s with Ryanna Cantor is not today’s. Rihanna was Ponting’s girlfriend for a long time. He got married in 2002. The couple also has three small children at home.

In this happy world, who wants to set fire for the beard now, tell me!


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