Shakib for the first time in the Seven Up campaign

shakib seven up

Recently, the world’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has become the product ambassador of Seven Up. This time the world’s best all-rounder is in the new advertisement of Seven Up. In the new advertisement, it is seen that Shakib is easily solving various problems of his personal life inspired by Seven Up Mascot Fido-Dido. This advertisement is aimed at the young generation to deal with any problem of daily life in a cool head.

According to the notification, the video of the advertisement shows fans all over the field waiting for the beloved man. Meanwhile, Shakib Al Hasan came on the field. But he will not be able to enter the field by pushing this huge crowd of fans. At that moment, Seven Up’s brand mascot Fido-Dido appeared with a ‘Bhabo Fresh’ twist to help him. Then Shakib got an easy solution to that problem. Shakib was inspired by the fresh thoughts and self-confidence of Fido-Dido and just having a sip of Seven Up gave him a fun way to handle the situation. Like many other fans, wearing the mask of his appearance, pretending to be a fan himself, Shakib came to the main door of the field, overcoming the crowd of other fans. Both Shakib and Fido-Dido are happy to be free from troublesome events through fresh solutions and this is where the video ends.

Shakib Al Hasan said about the advertisement, ‘I am really happy to be in the advertisement for the first time as a brand ambassador of Seven Up. The ad is very similar to real life. Because in real life I have had such problems many times. At the same time, this advertisement fully highlights the “think fresh” thought of Seven Up. I am hopeful that customers will enjoy the ad and be inspired to tackle any difficult issues along the way with a cool head and intelligence.’

Regarding the new advertisement, Naseeb Puri, Marketing Director of PepsiCo in Bangladesh, said, This is the idea of ​​Seven Up to inspire the youth to overcome the problems of life through “Fresh Thoughts”. We are proud to have Shakib as our partner to take this idea forward. At the same time, we are hopeful that it will be very enjoyable for customers to see two icons like Fido-Dido and Shakib together for the first time.

Dipinder Singh Tiwana, Sales and Marketing Director, Transcom Beverages Limited, said, “Seven Up has quickly become the best-selling brand in the country, getting a lot of love from Bangladeshi customers.” It was really exciting to create a fun campaign with young icons Shakib Al Hasan and Fido-Dido


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