Story of nine newly emerging Billionaires

#1 Stephane Bancel | Net worth: $4.3 billion | Company: Moderna
#1 Stephane Bancel | Net worth: $4.3 billion | Company: Moderna


Covid vaccines are the source of astronomical accumulation of wealth for Nine New Billionaires of the world. Drug Stores around the world are making a lot of money in this pandemic. Not only are the tech giants around the world accumulating a huge mass but also the pharmaceutical companies have raised their capital by a huge margin.

Already nine rich people have made their fortune to the billionaire mark.

CEO of Biotech Ugur Sahin and Mordana Stephan Banchel are among the new ones. Their mass combines over $ 4 billion. CNN expressed the news on behalf of the People’s Vaccine Alliance.

Only since February 2020 alone their company’s share hiked to 600 to 700 percent.

Senior officers and officers of Cancino Biologicom a Chinese company and Mordana are being added to the list of the richest men in the world. Their Share prices increased by 440 percent. The profits coming from selling Covid 19 vaccines alone enabled them to achieve this fortune.

Many human rights activists and concerns around the world raised their concern about this sudden increase in wealth and spot the more than ever-increasing discrepancy among the poor and the rich.

Accumulating the astronomical mass of newly rich people of the world has raised their wealth by as much as $ 19.3 billion. Analysts say this amount of monetary value can help serve 2 doses of vaccine to as much as 78 crore poor people around the world. Still, vaccines are well out of reach for people from poor countries. Vaccines are mainly being delivered to the rich countries in the world.

Experts are highly concerned and they think that as long as the vaccines are not made available for all the people around the world the real benefit might not be enjoyed.

Experts also think that there might be seen an artificial crisis of the vaccines. The whole world should take a step forward to ensure this availability. So that 60 percent of people around the world are under this vaccine umbrella by the end of this year and by 2022 every people will be under the vaccine umbrella.

This can be implemented easily by easing the process of intellectual property rights expert suggests. But, developed countries around the world do not seem to solve the problem anytime soon. This might cause more and more discrimination regarding the availability of vaccines throughout the globe.



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