Top 10 Successful Start-Ups of all time! (Part 1)

successful startups

Not all the startups had the best of the beginning, but eventually, they had achieved their targets and in some cases surpassed their dreams way beyond by following continuous picture-perfect approaches with laser-focused patience and determination. They had solved some of the unique problems of society, and everyone grabbed and lauded this with great enthusiasm.

Here is list a of the top 10 Successful startups of all time to date, astoundingly all of them started from an ordinary milieu but ended up being a giant in their respective categories.

In our edition of top startup companies of all time, we showcase it in two parts. Five once-in-a-kind startup companies on the list are-

#1 Airbnb

From renting mattresses to a company worth $10 Billion, a nearly unbelievable story became a reality in the case of Airbnb.  All these started back in 2001. When Brian Chesky couldn’t afford the rent on their San Francisco apartment, he decided to rent their spare airbed, coming to the city very soon to participate at the design conference, that was about to start at San Francisco.

He wrote a simple blog and surprisingly received three renters for $80 each.

When he experienced this success, he planned to work on it. He coordinated with a computer science graduate Nathan Blecharczyk to join the venture and to develop the website; later that venture made history.


#2 Instagram

Kevin Systrom, a Stanford Graduate and the founder of Instagram who himself never thought of achieving enormous success with Instagram. He, later on, joined by Mike Kriger, made up a mobile application in just 8 weeks. Initially, the application was named Burbn, allowing location-aware photo and note sharing; later on, Burbn was reduced to photos sharing only and was renamed Instagram.


#3 Pinterest

Anything with a passion can take to the highest places and glory, Ben Silbermann is the epitome of that! Initially, his parents insisted himself becoming a doctor, he attended Yale University in 1999 but soon he realized he never wanted to be a doctor. He embraced diversity in his career after having experience working in Google and failed apps, he came up with the idea of Pinterest.

The idea was simple, a site representing an interactive pinboard, where people can showcase the collections of their interest. This simple idea invited tremendous success over time with the effort of Ben, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. The fun fact is that the name ‘Pinterest’, was the brainchild of Ben’s girlfriend.


#4 Linkedin

Linkedin, a very well-known website among professional job seekers and recruiters was initiated in the living room of Reid Hoffman. It was launched by May 2003 and Reid invited 350 people of his contact to create their profiles. The growth was very slow at the beginning, with around 20 Signups per day. But this startup got extreme growth when it received investment from Sequoia Capital.


#5 Uber

Uber is the ultimate solution to the problem of many crappy things, to be specific finding a cab in cities. Two great minds, Ravis Kalanick and Garrett Camp worked on this issue and came up with the idea of Uber to find cars at the right place and at the right time. And it grew to become a startup with a revenue of $14.15 billion.

Stay tuned and find out our next big 5 startup companies on the list.


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