UAE reaches mars as the first Arab country

UAE's craft 'Hope' enters into the orbit of mars this Tuesday

Tuesday, February 9, 2021, United Arab Emirates made history being the first Arab country to adorn itself as a ‘Martian Country’. To mark this unique achievement memorable UAE left no stones unturned in the preparation for the celebration. The tallest building in the world came to a new life to celebrate this landmark achievement of Probe’s arrival on Mars.

UAE’s probe ‘Hope’ completed a journey of seven months and completed a 495 million kilometer voyage to settle it and orbit the red planet as the first interplanetary mission of the Arab World.

Omran Sharaf, project manager of Emirates Mars Mission expresses his gratitude to the Almighty. ‘We announce the success of the United Arab Emirates to the people of UAE and to the people of Islamic Arab Nations in its reaching the orbit of the red planet.

The spacecraft now joins six other space crafts that are already operating around the planet. These include three US, two European, and one Indian shareholder on the planet.

“The mission needs to be real prefect and acumen in the calculation. A slight mistake can ruin the mission with the possibility of losing the spacecraft.” Said Sarah Al- Amiri chair of the UAE’s space agency. She also describes “it’s a coordinated effort in making of the historic development and it is a dream come true for 200 engineers and scientists who were constantly working in the field behind the scenes.”

Hope’s arrival made it first among three launches back in July besides the launch of Hope, the crafts launched by China and the USA. All these three missions were directed to ensure that the crafts get to take full advantage of the Earth-Mars closest alignments.

Scientists say there were many similarities between planet Earth and Mars about 2 billion years ago. But now a lot has happened over there. The question is why this drastic transformation took place in the first place. Can the Earth also face the same situation? If it is so what we can offer to not happen like this.

The probe ‘Hope’ was assembled in Colorado and then sent to Japan for the launch. The mission did cost around $ 200 million which is considered the lowest in the world for similar programs.




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